Local 6000 Adult Taskforce

The UAW Local 6000 Adult Service Taskforce met to discuss issues
regarding Adult Services and the citizens of Michigan and members
of Local 6000 who are affected by decisions made by the State.

This is what Adult Services Task Force is about.

  1. Advocate for vulnerable Michigan citizens (young and old)
    whose voices often go unheard;
  2. Restore and prevent further erosion of the Adult Services
    Program, which was created to safegaurd and positively
    impact the lives of Michigan's disabled adult population;
  3. Inform, educate and increase public awareness of the needs
    of vulnerable adults in Michigan;
  4. To promote the continuance and broadening of State Supported
    Adult Services Programs, which include Adult Protective Service,
    Independent Living Service and Adult Community Placement;
  5. To respect and advocate for the membership of Local 6000
    Service Specialists.

    The members of the task force are Denise Groggin - Chair,
    Adam Shultz - Vice Chair
    Joy Clegg, Connie Weaver, Jon Waura, Jeanetta Dawson,
    Steve Schmitt, Jackie Muzyl, Kenneth Beckman.

    If you have any questions, suggestions or incidents of interest
    contact the taskforce at
    This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .