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Waiting, Waiting, Waiting at SOS to Pay More PDF Print E-mail

On Saturday, 6/3/2017, there was an informational picket held at

the Livonia Secretary of State Office (SOS), located at 17176

Farmington Road. The picket was led by Ed Mitchell, President

of UAW Local 6000, Sandy Parker, UAW International

Representative and former President of Local 6000, R. Scott

Brown, Vice President of Human Services at Local 6000,

Charlene Yarbrough, Local 6000 Recording Secretary,

Miya Williamson, Local 6000 Financial Secretary/Treasurer,

Anthony McNeil, Local 6000 Benefits Representative, Local
6000 representatives Rick Micheal, Jim Walkowicz, Kim
Williams, Celia Ontiveros, and Ray Holman, SOS Labor/Management
team members, , Executive Board members Wanda Keith,
Norman Abbott, & Veronica Bonner, Stewards at Large
Darren Ford, Abbie Maddox, Jeff Cathcart, Mike Sullivan,
JEECC members Eric Sales and Jackie Muzal, along with
stewards/members from Department of Health and Human
Services, and family members.

When UAW members began to arrive around 8 am there were
already customers in line. The office was not scheduled to open
until 9 am. By the time the office opened there were about 250
people standing in line not including children. Just a thought, at
least it wasnít raining, temps in the 90ís with high humidity,
freezing rain, or below zero temperatures (Iím sorry for those
who have experienced one or more of these conditions)! Only a
limited amount of people were allowed to enter the building at
one time so the rest had to remain outside, waiting; waiting to
get into the office, so that customers could wait some more in
the lobby area. The office closed at 12 noon with paying customers
standing in line outside of the building (all customers who were
in line at closing were waited on).

Management was informed about the informational picket prior

to it taking place. 23 clerks were scheduled to work today along
with two extra managers to answer clerk questions and sign
documents. Usually there is only 1 frontline supervisor working
on a Saturday. In addition, upper management came in today
including Bill Strong, SOS Bureau Director, Amy Winn, Metro
Division Director, and Lakeesha Perryman, an SOS analyst. Even
with extra personnel, as I peered through the SOS window at
12:50 pm there still appeared to be several customers in the building.

Unfortunately customers experience similar lines, where it is
necessary to wait outside of the building, in Clinton Township and
Flint during Saturday office hours. SOS is one of the departments
that provide revenue for the State; Revenue that includes an increase
in fees for some services this year.

Here is some information to consider as you remanence about your

last visit to the SOS branch, or are planning a future trip, on a Saturday:

*Everyone in Michigan is paying more $ for less service. License and

Registration fees at Secretary of State have gone up, but the long lines


*There is not enough help. There is 25% less staff than there was a

few years ago, even while fees have gone up.

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