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Around The Clock...

  • Approval and regulation of your wages and benefits are made by Civil Service Commissioners appointed by the Governor -- whom you elect.
  • Gas and electric rates are set by the Public Service Commission appointed by the Governor -- whom you elect.
  • Workers compensation benefits set by Legislative -- whom you elect.
  • City employees are paid, and their hours are set by city officials -- whom you elect.
  • Mattress contents regulations are set by the Federal Bureau of Standards, which is controlled by Congress -- -- whom you elect.
  • Safety inspection under the Department of Labor, is appointed by the Governor -- whom you elect. Funds are provided by the Legislature -- whom you elect.
  • Property taxes are set by government officials.
  • Teachers, buildings and equipment are controlled by the Board of Education -- whom you elect, or are appointed by government officials -- whom you elect.
  • Approval and regulation of TV channels are made by the Federal Communications Commission appointed by the President -- whom you elect.
  • Enough playgrounds? Ask the Park Commission appointed by the Mayor -- whom you elect.
  • State highway construction and repair is controlled by the Highway Commissioner, who is appointed by the Governor-- whom you elect.
  • Unemployment benefits are set by the Legislature-- whom you elect.

Someone hired, by the someone you appointed, by someone YOU elected, affects you and your family around the clock!

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