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Attention Local 6000 Retirees !!!
Retired Workers Membership and Dues

UAW retired members finance their own structure through voluntary retiree dues. These dues make their programs self-supporting. Since the Constitutional Convention in 1966, retirees have pledged that the UAW would not have to use active members’ dues to support the retired workers’ programs. Our retired members have kept faith with that pledge.

Originally, retiree dues were $1 per month. However, in 1986, the retirees went to the Constitution Committee entirely on their own and proposed changing the $1 per month voluntary dues to $2 per month. They explained that the retirees could not achieve their goals or continue to run essential programs on the current $1 per month. The Constitutional change was overwhelmingly approved.

Retirees are not required to pay dues, but today 75 percent of the retired members pay the new amount of $3 per month in voluntary dues. Of these dues, 35 percent stays in each local union retired workers chapter, 25 percent goes to the regional retired workers fund and 40 percent of each dollar goes to the UAW Retired Workers Department for their efforts on behalf of retired workers. Some of these efforts would be for collective bargaining, legislation, communication, education and representation on issues affecting seniors and retirees. The entire program of the UAW retired workers’ movement is financed by retirees’ voluntary dues.

Spouses or surviving spouses may request to become associate members of the retired workers chapters. Surviving spouses are also encouraged to participate in the voluntary dues program.

We now have almost as many retired members as active members. Retiree dues support all of the activities of the retired workers’ programs and are now more necessary than ever before

If you have moved or want to contact the Local just let us know This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Hello UAW Local 6000 Retiree!

Congratulations on your retirement! As you move forward
into the retired life, remember the legacy of achievement
you left behind! Thank you for your time, energy, and
dedication to Michigan’s citizens and to UAW Local 6000.

Retirement can be a difficult adjustment at first, but it has
the potential to bejust as great, if not better, than life before
retirement. For many years, you worked and supported
UAW Local 6000 to make it strong and the largest local in
America. Now, your retirement is an opportunity for new
beginnings, bringing greater freedom and flexibility, but
most of all to have fun!

UAW retirees are activists in every sense: from community
service activities to political campaigns, UAW retirees
contribute their time and talents to make a difference. We do
have individual priorities, but as retirees, we share the
same basic concerns, and will continue to advocate for issues
affecting retirees, such as healthcare, prescription drugs,
retirement security, pension benefits, Social Security and
Medicare. Together, we can ensure that our voice will be
heard locally, state-wide, and nationally.

Presently, there are two (2) retiree chapters for the retired
members of UAW Local 6000. A Statewide Retired
Workers Chapter and a Region 1-A Retired Workers Chapter;
the Statewide meets in Lansing and Region 1A meets in Taylor.
We are organizing another Chapter in Region 1-D. The names
of the current Chapter Officers and meeting dates are posted
on this website.

Chapter members are kept informedabout monthly meetings
dates, chapter activities, and regional and statewide conferences,
through articles in the UAW Local 6000 Newsbreak,UAW Local
6000 website and social media. Keep in touch with what’s
happening and JOIN US!

With teamwork in the leadership and solidarity in the ranks,
and with active and retired members working hand-in-hand,
the UAW’s future will be as bright and bold as its past. We
are inviting you to come together with us for of good food, fun
and fellowship!

Remember…Together we are union strong, providing strength,
stability, and always solidarity.

Bob Sisler, UAW Region 1A Retirees Chapter Chair,
Caroline Ross, UAW Region 1D/Statewide Retired Workers Chapter Chair


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