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Injured On The Job? PDF Print E-mail

Sometimes state employees are injured on the job and instead of filing a Worker’s Compensation claim, they draw on their LTD benefits. The state employees are far better off financially by drawing Worker’s Compensation in Worker’s Compensation injury situations. The following are basic guidelines to follow if you are injured on the job.


  • Immediately report the injury to your supervisor and request medical treatment.
  • At your first opportunity, jot down the time of the accident, details of the accident, and the names and addresses of all witnesses who may have seen the accident.
  • You do not have to know it was the fault of your employer or a machine malfunction that caused your injury. Even if the injury is totally your fault, it is still covered under Worker’s Compensation
  • You must accept the medical services provided to you by the State of Michigan. However, after 10 days from the beginning of such medical care, you may seek treatment from a doctor of your own choosing. If you decide to use your own doctor, you must inform your employer that you will be seeking treatment with another doctor and supply your employer with that doctor’s name and address.
  • If you lose time from work because of an injury, make a claim for Compensation Benefits.
  • You are entitled to Compensation Benefits commencing on the eighth day of disability. If you are disabled 14 days or more, then you are entitled to compensation for the first week of disability, retroactively. The disability claim should be made to your employer or to the Worker’s Compensation Insurance Carrier or both.
  • If your disability lasts more than two weeks you should keep a notebook and write down the dates of medical appointments, how you are feeling, distance traveled to and from appointments etc. These notes will be helpful if you must later prove your case to the Worker’s Compensation Bureau or the Citizens Management, Inc., (CMI), PO Box 740, Howell, MI 48844, 800-324-9901.
  • Finally, if you have questions regarding Worker Compensation or if you are injured on the job, please contact your Chief Steward and/or UAW Local 6000 Benefit Representative at 1-800-243-1985.


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