As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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There is power in becoming an active member of our Local. The power
is in the ability to use resourceavailable to us such as the freedom of
speech, power of the pen, the right to gather publicly and present
opposing views without being jailed. Recently, members of Local 6000
have utilized all those powers in writing our legislators in regards
to stopping legislation that would be harmful to issues concerning
retirement and benefits. Members have also used their power to
speak by making appointments with their legislator and to testify
at House and Senate Hearings. We have also gathered and held
rallies in response to attacks on our retirement benefits, health care,
public safety issues, and Wall Street’s attack on Main Street.
In the past few months public employees have demonstrated we
will no longer sit idly by while corporate America or politicians
take what we have worked long and hard to obtain. We will gather
where we need to apply pressure, speak up when we are attacked,
and oppose legislation that threatens to unravel our futures.

The power we have been given will be used not only to protect
collective bargaining but to preserve what we need to sustain the
communities we live and work in. 17,000 members strong in
UAW Local 6000 do have the power to make a difference and
bring about change. All it takes is to become active, write a letter,
speak to a legislator, attend a rally, or support a community effort
and we can get there. The proof is in the pudding is an old saying.
Well the proof is in the result of additional workers being added
to the DHS budget as a result of testimony of our members before
the House of Representatives. The proof is in the DOC budget
where after testimony before the House and Senate members the
department is required to partner with other state agencies such
as DELEG, DHS, and MSHDA to provide services that were
previously provided by private contractors. There is proof in the
Michigan State Police budget where members testified before the
Senate and the proposal to close the Detroit Center was canceled
and funding was made available. So you see there is power
available to all of us, it’s just a choice of becoming active and
making the commitment to make a difference.
- Miya Williamson, Local 6000 Financial Secretary Treasurer

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