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Grievance Representation (Click to view)

Ted Gregg holds down the fort at the 800 line. Members who don’t know who their Chief Steward is, or have no Chief Steward can call Ted, who will then make a referral to one of the five Stewards-at-Large, if necessary. If you need help, call 800-243-1985.

Negotiated Benefits (Click to view)

The Local’s Benefits Representative is Anthony McNeil, he is available at the office to assist members who run into problems accessing their negotiated benefits. The Representative has made some information available here that may answer some of your questions. If you have a general question for the representative, you can send it via e-mail and we will post the answers here. If you have a specific problem with a provider, you can contact the representative at 1-800-243-1985 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Do you have any questions relating to your benefits?

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) (Click to view)

Mike McWhirter is the Local 6000 Employee Assistance Program Representative. Members sometimes experience problems that affect their life and their jobs. Early intervention and help can make a difference. Mike can assist members with referrals to the appropriate agency. He can be reached at 1-800-243-1985.

Health & Safety (Click to view)

Our Health and Safety Representative is Nicole Jones and she works with Chief Stewards and local Health and Safety Reps, assisting them in resolving work site problems. The Representative can be reached at the 1 800 243-1985 number.

Hardship Transfers, Annual Leave Donations (Click to view)

Vice President Sue Midura is available at Local 6000 to handle requests from our members for hardship transfers and people who want to donate to and access the Annual Leave Bank. You can reach Vice President Midura at 1-800-243-1985.