As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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Red Cross Blood Drive


Flint Water Drive


Fitbit Challenge


Flint Water Drive Continues


We completed our fifth Flint Water Delivery yesterday. We delivered
another semi of water, a pallet of baby wipes,and 120 - 10 lb. bags
of oranges, door to door onthe North side of Flint. This side of Flint
is a bit rougher so we went in teams of two trucks per area rather than
each of the four trucks taking an area. We had a total of 35 volunteers.
We were joined by our fellow 6000 members from Marquette who
brought a pickup of 50 cases of water. In addition, we were joined by
another Union the Federally Employed Women (FEW) from the
Federal Building in Downtown Detroit. They collected 100 cases
of water and we arranged for Right Away Delivery to
pick it up Saturday for transport to Flint yesterday. They
brought 17 of their members. We were also joined by the Free and
Accepted Mason's Prince Hall Affiliation from Detroit. As well as
members from DHHS, Michigan State Police, & Talent and
Economic Development. Members from Wayne County Sheriff
Deputies union also joined us.


We dropped four pallets of water at the Shelter of Flint as well
as some wipes and oranges. We dropped water, wipes and oranges
at Region 1 D. Brother Scott Kincaid will ensure they are delivered
to the diaper bank in Flint. We passed out food vouchers to
households from THRIVE Market. It's an online organic market that
has agreed to provide $100 in FREE groceries to every household in
Flint. THRIVE Market has committed to provide this benefit to
EVERY household in Flint. Marseille Allen was very instrumental in
obtaining these vouchers. Thanks to all those who helped. A huge
gratitude of thanks goes to Director Kareim for his generosity and
hospitality for use of the Region and staff member Scott Kincaid.

In Solidarity,
Miya Williamson, Can We Talk Director

Taste of Michigan's Best

Proud To Be UAW!




Dear Sisters and Brothers of UAW Local 6000


Just a note to congratulate you on your recent retirement from the
State of Michigan, and to thank you for your commitment and
devotion to the UAW!

Being a UAW member is for a lifetime and your membership in the
UAW does not end with retirement.

Now that you have retired some of the challenges, interests and issues
we faced while employed still remain the same. However, some issues
are different due to the threats against our pensions, social security
benefits, health care, and other social issues that may hinder our
well-being. The UAW has stood against all adversaries that threaten
its members, their families and communities, and will continue to do so.

Your fellow retirees encourage you to stay active with YOUR UAW
Local 6000, by attending retired workers chapter meetings, social
activities, and retreats for UAW Local 6000 retirees at the Local,
Regional and Statewide levels.

There are two (2) retiree chapters for our retired members of UAW
Local 6000. We have a Statewide Retired Workers Chapter and
Region 1A Retired Workers Chapter; the Statewide meets in Lansing
and Region 1A meets in Taylor. A copy of the Chapter Officers and
meeting dates are posted on this website. Please take a few minutes
to look us up on the Local 6000 Webpage (
We are also looking into establishing a social media page for our
retirees to communicate with us and each other. Feel free to give
us your issues and concerns. We exist to help “U”! So please think
about joining us and becoming active with us. We are only as strong
as our voices and members.

Remember fellow retirees to stay informed, involved, active and
encouraged in your lives, and with the UAW. “U” R the Union!

Yours in Solidarity,

Bob Sisler, Chairperson, Chairperson Region 1A Retired Workers Chapter
Otis Florence-Butler,
Chairperson Statewide Retired Workers Chapter