As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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DHS Picket Feb 25,2015
Memorial Event For Lance Byers


Three years ago today UAW Local 6000 member Lance Byers was murdered on his way to work at the Kent County DHS office. Lance was universally liked by his clients and coworkers.

The Kent County DHS office organized the event at the corner of Lafayette and State Street in Grand Rapids Michigan. This was the exact location where he was shot to death. Balloons where released with messages attached written to Lance.

Kelli Kopen, the mother of Lance's daughter Emma, is also a Kent County DHS caseworkers and UAW Local 6000 member. Kelli spoke to the crowd and thanked the union for support and pushing for improvements in worker safety. This has in addition been a difficult year for Kent County DHS with the "Reduction in Force". They were hit hard because of the Services Center being closed in Kent County. Yet they have maintained their professionalism and serve the citizens of Michigan.

Gordon Ryskamp and Eric Sales from the UAW Local 6000 where present to provide leaderships and support to our members.

The UAW Local 6000 has some fantastic pictures up on our Facebook page "UAW Local 6000: Michigan's State Employees" and look forward to a You Tube video on the ”Can We Talk" YouTube channel and the website video in the next few days.

Very emotional today but also an event filled with love and solidarity.

Ray Holman
UAW Local 6000
Legislative Liaison

Time for State Employees to Talk To Their Legislators


UAW Local 6000 we must start reaching out to the Michigan Legislature as we go through the state budget process. Here's why in particular, notice the new outsourcing concern we have with Adult Service work.

Concerns regarding the 15-2016 State of Michigan Budget process at the Michigan Legislature. The budget by law must be balanced by October 1. 2015. There are three juvenile justice facilities operated and administrated by the "Department of Health and Human Services" (DHHS). The last three budget cycles we have seen attempts to close them. The three facilities are listed below:

  • Maxey Boys Training School.

  • Bay Pines

  • Shawano Center

They house approximately 90 youth who did not have success in private facilities. The state run facilities are often the place of last resort. Juveniles can be housed after becoming young adults and if the facilities are closed some could go to adult prison.

Just shifting costs to MDOC.

New term of office for Chief/Job Stewards


Attention: Please be advised as of January 1, 2015, the steward election
process was completed. If you failed to submit a Chief or Job Steward
Nomination form (November 2014 Newsbreak) for the new term January
1, 2015 – December 31, 2017, you are no longer a Chief or Job Steward.

For vacant steward districts, please contact your Local 6000
Representative in writing indicating your desire to be appointed
as Chief or Job Steward. Any other questions, please contact the
following individuals at the Local:

Miya Williamson, Financial Sec.-Treasurer 1 800 243-1985 ext. 235
Kelly Barnett, Local Representative/Steward Committee Chairperson ext. 316

Ted Gregg, UAW Local 6000 800-Line Staff ext. 210



On December 18th the Union received notice from DHS of a Reduction-in-Force. The effective date of potential bumps/layoffs is scheduled for February 15, 2015.

On January 15, 2015, the Union met with DHS to review their bumping calculations. Unfortunately, the Union was unable to review the bumps with DHS to determine the accuracy because DHS would not give us all the information needed to determine if the bumps/layoffs were correct.

DHS advised the Union of their intent to hand deliver the bump/layoff notices by Friday, January 16, 2015. Employees not working during this week would receive their notices on Tuesday, January 20, 2015. Employees on a leave from work would receive their notices through the U.S. mail. Employees accepting their bump will be reporting to their new assignments on February 17th due to the February 16th holiday.


As a result of the recent law enforcement shootings in New York, we must be even more cautious than in the past. A warning has been issued by the Michigan Sheriffs’ Association Executive Director, Terrence L. Jungel.  The Officer Safety Notification reads as follows:


According to a credible source claiming secondhand access, gang members (notably those in large metropolitan areas) plan to loosen the lug nuts on officers' personal vehicles. Specifically, vehicles displaying Law Enforcement, Police Benevolent Association and/or Fraternal Order of Police plates and/or stickers.

Officers are encouraged to continue to be extremely vigilant and exercise caution before operating ANY vehicle that carries a law enforcement affiliation, particularly if they have been away from their vehicle for an extended period of time.

We know that many of our Parole/Probation Agents as well as Field Service Assistants have the above plates and stickers on their vehicles. As a result, we are encouraging you to take the above notification seriously.  Always be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the conditions of your vehicles as well. Be safe out there.

Kelly Barnett, DOC Liaison and Local Representative