Would you be more likely to vote in union elections if the elections were held electronically.

As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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Reduction In Force Notice

UAW Local 6000 received a 30 Day Notice of intent to layoff by DHS. The notice was sent to President Ed Mitchell this morning (December 18th), due to the closure of SSPC East and West. According to the notice, Local 6000 members have until midnight tonight to turn in their Bumping Preference Form (DHS 4662).


All DHS employees should have been sent an email from the DHS HR office on December 6th with the new “UAW Bumping Preference” form attached. We recommend that you fill out this new form as soon as possible (by December 14, 2014). The old form is now obsolete.

Any person who does not turn in this new form will severely limit their own bumping rights in the event of a layoff. So for that reason alone, you should be filling out and turning in this form. If after filling out the form you realize you want to change something on it, you can always complete a new form up until or if a layoff is announced. DHS will always go by the latest one on file.

This form is to be returned electronically to the email address on the form. You will receive a confirmation once it is received.

Just to be clear: As of today, December 8, 2014, the Union has NOT received any layoff notices from DHS. Per our Union contract, the Union MUST be notified 30 days in advance of any layoff. We do not know what the future holds, and once a layoff (reduction in force) is announced, it is too late to turn in the form. For this reason alone, we feel it is important to fill out the form and submit it.

The new form is simpler than the old one. Keep in mind, where you list the 10 preferred counties in order, you must list your current county assuming you want to stay in your current county.

(Note: If you sign up for the “members only” section of the UAW Local 6000 website you have access to the Statewide seniority lists for all state departments.)

If you have questions, you can contact Jim Walkowicz at 313-999-9418 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

We want to make sure that Local 6000 members knows that MFPP is here to provide free and confidential services to assist our Members with mortgage foreclosure issues.

The link, www.FightMortgageForeclosure.com, will connect you to a reliable source for information on mortgage foreclosure, available options, and answers to frequently asked questions. Most important, by filling out the online application you will be assigned to a member of the MSHDA Certified Counseling Staff who will work with you to determine what your options are and advocate for you with your Lender.

Following are Quick Facts on MFPP that may be of interest to you.

Quick Facts: Wayne County Mortgage Foreclosure Prevention Program

§ MFPP is a free taxpayer-supported service for Wayne County residents.

§ MFPP has assisted over 5000 residents.

§ One (1) in every thirty one (31) Wayne County homes was in foreclosure in 2010.

§ Only about 50% of families in foreclosure reach out for help and most of them are not aware of free housing counseling services available

§ MFPP has a home retention rate of 58%, for residents that do seek assistance, which is twice the national average.

§ MFPP is a HUD certified agency with counselors certified by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority.

When Ideas Become Dangerous

Many Americans are guilty of historical amnesia when it comes to the benefits we have as a result of labor unions. Today’s anti-unionism culture is growing, spread by corporations and politicians to plant ideas in the minds of the public to destroy the middle-class. The most forceful of these ideas is the one that attacks public employee unions and the negotiated benefits of members of those unions. Corporate lobbyists have spread misinformation about the “idea” of lavish public employee wages and benefits. Partly due to this, these myths are now widely accepted by the majority of citizens. Corporations and politicians continue to perpetuate myths that demonize public employees and union membership. They build on the idea and image of public employees who are greedily sucking the life out of state budgets with huge salaries and pensions. Again, it’s an idea that has been planted in the minds of American citizens to drive a wedge between the public and private sector to further fuel attempts to drive the middle-class in the race to the bottom.

The Power of Becoming Active

There is power in becoming an active member of our Local. The power is in the ability to use resource available to us such as the freedom of speech, power of the pen, the right to gather publicly and present opposing views without being jailed. Recently, members of Local 6000 have utilized all those powers in writing our legislators in regards to stopping legislation that would be harmful to issues concerning retirement and benefits. Members have also used their power to speak by making appointments with their legislator and to testify at House and Senate Hearings. We have also gathered and held rallies in response to attacks on our retirement benefits, health care, public safety issues, and Wall Street’s attack on Main Street. In the past few months public employees have demonstrated we will no longer sit idly by while corporate America or politicians take what we have worked long and hard to obtain. We will gather where we need to apply pressure, speak up when we are attacked, and oppose legislation that threatens to unravel our futures.