As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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Local 6000 2nd Annual Cookoff






Interview With Senator Hertel Regarding Merger



Dear Sisters and Brothers of UAW Local 6000


Just a note to congratulate you on your recent retirement from the
State of Michigan, and to thank you for your commitment and
devotion to the UAW!

Being a UAW member is for a lifetime and your membership in the
UAW does not end with retirement.

Now that you have retired some of the challenges, interests and issues
we faced while employed still remain the same. However, some issues
are different due to the threats against our pensions, social security
benefits, health care, and other social issues that may hinder our
well-being. The UAW has stood against all adversaries that threaten
its members, their families and communities, and will continue to do so.

Your fellow retirees encourage you to stay active with YOUR UAW
Local 6000, by attending retired workers chapter meetings, social
activities, and retreats for UAW Local 6000 retirees at the Local,
Regional and Statewide levels.

There are two (2) retiree chapters for our retired members of UAW
Local 6000. We have a Statewide Retired Workers Chapter and
Region 1A Retired Workers Chapter; the Statewide meets in Lansing
and Region 1A meets in Taylor. A copy of the Chapter Officers and
meeting dates are posted on this website. Please take a few minutes
to look us up on the Local 6000 Webpage (
We are also looking into establishing a social media page for our
retirees to communicate with us and each other. Feel free to give
us your issues and concerns. We exist to help “U”! So please think
about joining us and becoming active with us. We are only as strong
as our voices and members.

Remember fellow retirees to stay informed, involved, active and
encouraged in your lives, and with the UAW. “U” R the Union!

Yours in Solidarity,

Bob Sisler, Chairperson Otis Florence-Butler, Chairperson

UAW Region 1A Retirees Statewide Retired Workers Chapter

Time for State Employees to Talk To Their Legislators


UAW Local 6000 we must start reaching out to the Michigan Legislature as we go through the state budget process. Here's why in particular, notice the new outsourcing concern we have with Adult Service work.

Concerns regarding the 15-2016 State of Michigan Budget process at the Michigan Legislature. The budget by law must be balanced by October 1. 2015. There are three juvenile justice facilities operated and administrated by the "Department of Health and Human Services" (DHHS). The last three budget cycles we have seen attempts to close them. The three facilities are listed below:

  • Maxey Boys Training School.

  • Bay Pines

  • Shawano Center

They house approximately 90 youth who did not have success in private facilities. The state run facilities are often the place of last resort. Juveniles can be housed after becoming young adults and if the facilities are closed some could go to adult prison.

Just shifting costs to MDOC.

The Power of Becoming Active

There is power in becoming an active member of our Local. The power is in the ability to use resource available to us such as the freedom of speech, power of the pen, the right to gather publicly and present opposing views without being jailed. Recently, members of Local 6000 have utilized all those powers in writing our legislators in regards to stopping legislation that would be harmful to issues concerning retirement and benefits. Members have also used their power to speak by making appointments with their legislator and to testify at House and Senate Hearings. We have also gathered and held rallies in response to attacks on our retirement benefits, health care, public safety issues, and Wall Street’s attack on Main Street. In the past few months public employees have demonstrated we will no longer sit idly by while corporate America or politicians take what we have worked long and hard to obtain. We will gather where we need to apply pressure, speak up when we are attacked, and oppose legislation that threatens to unravel our futures.

When Ideas Become Dangerous

Many Americans are guilty of historical amnesia when it comes to the benefits we have as a result of labor unions. Today’s anti-unionism culture is growing, spread by corporations and politicians to plant ideas in the minds of the public to destroy the middle-class. The most forceful of these ideas is the one that attacks public employee unions and the negotiated benefits of members of those unions. Corporate lobbyists have spread misinformation about the “idea” of lavish public employee wages and benefits. Partly due to this, these myths are now widely accepted by the majority of citizens. Corporations and politicians continue to perpetuate myths that demonize public employees and union membership. They build on the idea and image of public employees who are greedily sucking the life out of state budgets with huge salaries and pensions. Again, it’s an idea that has been planted in the minds of American citizens to drive a wedge between the public and private sector to further fuel attempts to drive the middle-class in the race to the bottom.

New term of office for Chief/Job Stewards


Attention: Please be advised as of January 1, 2015, the steward election
process was completed. If you failed to submit a Chief or Job Steward
Nomination form (November 2014 Newsbreak) for the new term January
1, 2015 – December 31, 2017, you are no longer a Chief or Job Steward.

For vacant steward districts, please contact your Local 6000
Representative in writing indicating your desire to be appointed
as Chief or Job Steward. Any other questions, please contact the
following individuals at the Local:

Miya Williamson, Financial Sec.-Treasurer 1 800 243-1985 ext. 235
Kelly Barnett, Local Representative/Steward Committee Chairperson ext. 316

Ted Gregg, UAW Local 6000 800-Line Staff ext. 210