As state workers face unprecedented attacks on our wages and benefits, Solidarity Forever is more important then ever. Take a minute and listen.. Solidarity Forever


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Adult Services Outsourcing



Independent Living Services To Be Privatized


Currently Adult Services consists of three components: Independent
Living Service (ILS) which is the
Adult Home Help Program
( Assistance in maintaining independent living), Adult Community
(ACP) which consists of Adults in Foster Care/
Home for Aged, and Adult Protective Services (APS) which
vulnerable adults from abuse, neglect and exploitation.

Now a pilot will outsource all of the ILS program for 20,000.00
clients. The pilot program is mailing
enrollment letters to clients.
Failure to respond to the letters results in clients being automatically
enrolled in the private companies program for ILS.

Contact your Representative and Senator and tell them this insidious
outsourcing plan is wrong.

Region 1D Memorial Park



Interview of Region 1 D Director

Bargaining Survey

UAW Local 6000, due to the Employer refusing to negotiate a Primary Agreement for longer than two (2) years, will be back negotiating a Primary Agreement in the upcoming months. Our current Primary Agreement expires December 31, 2015. Please complete the Bargaining Survey so you will have voice regarding the decisions your elected Primary Bargaining Team negotiates.

To complete the Survey you must login to the members section of the website. There you will see the link to access the survey.


Memorial Event For Lance Byers


Three years ago today UAW Local 6000 member Lance Byers was murdered on his way to work at the Kent County DHS office. Lance was universally liked by his clients and coworkers.

The Kent County DHS office organized the event at the corner of Lafayette and State Street in Grand Rapids Michigan. This was the exact location where he was shot to death. Balloons where released with messages attached written to Lance.

Kelli Kopen, the mother of Lance's daughter Emma, is also a Kent County DHS caseworkers and UAW Local 6000 member. Kelli spoke to the crowd and thanked the union for support and pushing for improvements in worker safety. This has in addition been a difficult year for Kent County DHS with the "Reduction in Force". They were hit hard because of the Services Center being closed in Kent County. Yet they have maintained their professionalism and serve the citizens of Michigan.

Gordon Ryskamp and Eric Sales from the UAW Local 6000 where present to provide leaderships and support to our members.

The UAW Local 6000 has some fantastic pictures up on our Facebook page "UAW Local 6000: Michigan's State Employees" and look forward to a You Tube video on the ”Can We Talk" YouTube channel and the website video in the next few days.

Very emotional today but also an event filled with love and solidarity.

Ray Holman
UAW Local 6000
Legislative Liaison

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